There is an abundance of talents and skills in Shepton Mallet...

…and surrounding communities which we believe just needs the right conditions to flourish.

Running one-off activities, short courses or even whole town festivals with other venues and organisations offers people the chance to get even more involved and connected, and together build a vibrant living community.

Many people are keen to put on events and activities with others in and around our town, but may be put off by the thought that they might have to set up a whole organisation and perhaps commit to running something every week.

7 Starlings Community Interest Company (CIC) was founded to create a habitat for such community activities to flourish. We hope to provide the habitat or infrastructure- spaces, expertise, encouragement and support – for people to gather and share the huge diversity of skills, interests, and talents we know is out there.

Our vision

At the heart of our vision is the library in the market place, a venue valued by a wide diversity of people.

We have created an exciting partnership with Somerset County Council, generously supported by local donations, to share the space and blend in events and facilities for people to use. Read here how we did it.

Create and engage

Extended library use beyond increased professionally staffed hours to create a new community hub space...

…7 Starlings collaborated with people in the local community to extend the use of the Library, so that it becomes a space for a wide range of events and activities when it would otherwise be closed. We got the support of Shepton Town Council and Somerset County Council, as well as others, to bring this exciting vision into being. See when it is available here.

We don’t want to confine activities to just the Library, though. If you have an idea for an event in your locality, we can still help you with setting it up. Talk to us and see what we can do together.

On this website you will find all you need to create or engage with community events in Shepton Mallet and surrounding areas. You can find some history here, a statement of what we stand for here, our worldview and what makes this work here. If you want to make an event happen, go here; if you want to come along to an event you have seen advertised, have a look here.