7 Starlings

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Booking charge

The fee for using the space will be £15 per hour per room. This will cover the cost of our Support Person and for our contribution to standing utility costs such as electricity, water and cleaning after your event.

If you book the entire library- both rooms- you will enjoy a discount, bringing the rate down to £25 per hour for the whole space.

You will be charged for any damage or cleaning above and beyond reasonable levels.

Our Support Person has the authority to ask you or your group to leave the premises in the case of abuse, misconduct or damage being done or threatened. Details are in our Terms and Conditions.


Normally, we’d expect you to cancel 2 weeks in advance for you to have your booking fee returned, less an admin fee of 20%. If you cancel with less than 2 weeks’ notice, you will lose your rental payment.

Similarly, if you book the venue for a whole day, we would need 4 weeks’ advance notice of cancellation, otherwise you will lose your rental payment.

Booking form

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