7 Starlings

CIC vision

The 7 Starlings vision

Excerpts taken from our CIC statement on founding and registered with Companies House October 2019

(Our aim is …) to create and develop a community infrastructure for Shepton Mallet and surrounding communities to sustain and improve social and ecological well-being.

The Company’s activities will provide benefit to the whole community of Shepton Mallet and 6 surrounding parishes.

Other activities

For 7 Starlings

  • Oversee the running of the new community hub situated in the library: provide and administer the hub space as a venue for a wide range of community activities

  • Promote and facilitate events, services and activities across the area that are specifically of benefit to the community and include all sections of the community

  • Create and deliver training in the ‘7 Starlings CIC’ approach to sustainable & resilient community leadership activity

Benefits will be

For the community

  • Promoting inclusion

  • Enabling cohesion and joining up disparate groups and organisations

  • Creating a sense of active agency with empowered leadership

  • Connecting up as many groups and interests as possible

  • Fostering effective and ground-up collaboration across the whole town and surroundings

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for...

…Supporting activities in local communities.